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“Our stones manufacture trend “
We are Pelting Stones of Trend.
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We are the first enterprise who creates trend from unheard stories ,walls & stones

Drumstone Media is India’s Fastest Growing Broadcast Management & Audio Visual Content Syndication Enterprise.Drumstone Media has diversified business interests in Digital Media, Setting up & Generating Revenue For Television Channels via Ad Sales, TV Channel Distribution, Pre Production, Post-Production, Graphics, Editing, Cinematography, Music Video Production, Producing Television Soaps, Producing Feature Films, Corporate Films & Digital Videos, Audio Studio, Film Distribution & Exhibiting Films. We Rent Out The Best Equipments Required For Shooting such as Sound Systems, High End Video Cameras amongst others which can transcend the viewing scenario completely.

5 Members
24 Products
23k Reach
250 Clients

Our Team

Our Silent Stones Can Create Trend

Our top Skills

Brand Positioning Strategy 95%
Production - Film,Television & Digital 96%
Launching Satellite Television Channels 99%
Film Distribution 87%
Web Services & Online Marketing 93%
Software, Application Development & Mobile App Development 91%

What We Do

Our Stones Make Noise and Our Stones Create Buzz
We are the stones who create “Trend”.
  • Web & Print Media Designing

  • Software & Application Developing

  • Satellite Channel Setup & Distribution

  • Publishers & Advertisers Network

  • Mobile Apps Development(IOS/Android)

  • Production - Films & Television

  • Content Syndication (All Languages)

  • Business Support & Continuity

Our Products

Our Stones “ Can Be Heard”

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Nahar Business Park
Powai, Mumbai


(+91) 9699344386